Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Vlog!!

Hello there my dear horror buffs!

So first off I'm extremely sorry for going MIA for such a long period of time but a lot was going on in my life (mostly school, graduating and finally working) and just didn't have the time to sit down and do a proper blog post, plus I really didn't want to half-ass it and post nonsense just for the sake of blogging something because I believe you guys and girls deserve the very best.

Thus my new announcement is that I back for real this time and I will also be posting more vlogs just because it will be much easier for me to do with the new pc I have and I will be able to give my opinions on horror related stuff in "real-time" rather than waiting a few days to put up a written post and plus you all will get to see the klutz I truly am!

So I'm off to record my welcome vlog and will be upgrading and updating this blog as well so expect to see some new changes in a day or two! Also my twitter is up and running again I had problems with my phone but that's all fixed so will also be back to tweeting again starting today!

Thanks for not unfollowing my blog and I'm super stoked to be back!

Love, Kisses and Bloody-coated hugs