Monday, November 29, 2010


Aaaah Homecoming..the football players,the dance, girlfriends and ex-girlfriends, the jealousy, kidnapping, the gruesome torture and murders...uhmmm doesnt this all sound a little too predictable? well it is! This movie was sooo bad that throughout it I constantly questioned my sanity..

You know Im even pissed writting this review because it was such an epic failure and a waste of good film, so i wont even spend too much time on this one.
In anycase Mischa Barton also stars as one of the main characters in this movie and its really sad to see how she goes from playing an alright character in Walled In  to completely sucking monkey balls in this one. Whats even more mind boggling is that Morgan Freeman produced this!?! Anywho back to the movie, its about a former high school quarterback star Mike Donaldson (Matt Long) who returns to his hometown for the Homecoming retirement of his jersey. To the surprise of his possessive and jealous ex-girlfriend Shelby (Mischa Barton) he brings along his new grilfriend Elizabeth (Jessica Stroup).

After a series of bad events Elizabeth finds herself in the middle of the road looking for a motel to stay in, she "accidentally" gets run over by Shelby. Shelby then takes the unconscious Elizabeth to her almost deserted house, where she hooks her up to an IV shoves her system with a lot of painkillers and uses this situation to her advantage as she tries to win Mike back while Elizabeths fights for her life and tries to escape.

Now if you are as much of a horror movie lover as I am while reading this a light bulb should switch on and a particular movie should come into mind..i.e Misery...Homecoming is basically the modern retarded version of Misery .This movie lacks creativity, the acting just plain sucked and  i think i may have lost a couple of braincells watching this, so for my sanity i'll just end this review here and look for another hopefully better horror movie to watch....

Rating: 3/10 (and this is me being nice my actual initial rating was -2/10)