Friday, July 15, 2011

I don't have a short attention span I just...OMG look its an ant!!!!

So i have been wanting to put up more movie reviews on this blog but I just can't seem to finish any of the horror movies i begin to watch making my mission impossible to finish. I don't know but I kinda have this thing that if a movie doesn't captivate me in the first 20 minutes I completely lose interest and do not concentrate on the movie at all, i swear this one time i sat down to watch a movie and literally after 30 minutes i just got up went to my bathroom and started straightening my hair :/.

I try i really do try but it seems that all the movies i pick to watch just suck soooo bad i just can't force myself to finish them. Does this mean i have a short attention span? because i kind of do the same thing when talking to people especially my mom like she can be talking to me about something and I will totally be paying attention for like 10 minutes and then after that my brain goes on auto pilot and all i hear is" blah blah blah blah  you know blah blah blah blah unbelievable blah blah blah blah what do you think blah blah blah ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!!!!" 

So yes the reason why i have technically only put up one movie review in the past week is because of this. bleh :/ but hopefully i will find some good movies to watch and will hopefully put up some new movie reviews soon. If you have any suggestions i mean ANY suggestions on good movies to watch please write them in the comment box below and will definitely check them out! :)

Love,Peace and Bloody-coated hugs