Monday, August 8, 2011

Ten reasons why zombies make better boyfriends

Ok so maybe zombies are really slow, super retarded hence the high probability they will forget to pick you up from somewhere and yes on the hotness scale they are in the negatives but that doesn't mean they wouldn't make great boyfriends and these are my reasons why:

10. You will NEVER have to worry about any shady woman trying to get your man! He will be yours and yours only.

9. If he stares at other woman you will never have to worry that it's because he is checking them out but rather the fact that he finds them delectable and would love to tear their limbs. Hey better her than you right?!

8. He will NEVER interrupt you when you go on and on talking about how your day was or what a biatch a fellow co-worker is, instead he will just stare and listen mostly because he doesn't have the brain capacity to reply but hey every woman wants an empty vessel to vent to.

7. Your parents will approve of him 100% (mostly out of fear of being eaten if they disagree)

6.If you ever have an argument with him he will never talk back and will always agree with what you have to say (like i said dude doesn't have too many brain cells so he can't)

5. He will always dress in the way you like your boyfriends to be dressed, well mostly because you will have to dress him but that means you have complete stylist control and I'm sure every woman has a mini Rachel Zoe in them :)
Aint nothing sexier than your boo in a suit! ;)

4. He is not too overprotective only when other zombies are around.

3. Since he doesn't have the cognitive ability to disagree with you this means you will have COMPLETE remote-control control! So you and your booboo can watch all the episodes of Desperate Housewives without a tad bit of complaining from your significant other.

2. You won't have to constantly worry about trying to impress him with the way you dress and look because i mean really look at him it doesn't take that much to impress a guy like this:

1. Lastly ladies you will finally have a man who truly loves you more for your brains rather than superficial things like your body and that i know for sure is every woman's wish and desire!