Friday, July 29, 2011

Did Freddy Krueger fall prey to Hollywood and get some Botox and a face lift?

Before watching the new Nightmare on Elm Street 2011 movie last night I knew before hand from watching numerous interviews with the director and cast that they had apparently made “minor” changes to the new Freddy Krueger but it seems like the producer and the makeup artist need to pick up an Oxford dictionary and look up the meaning of minor as they have NO friggin clue what it means because to them the minor changes was his physical appearance and his voice. That’s like me telling my friends I’m going to get some MINOR plastic surgery but later come out of the operating room looking like Cher.

To me it looked like he had just gotten some work done before the filming of this movie don’t believe me here are some pics of the new and "improved" Freddy:

 Then to have the nerve to use a totally different actor for the role after we have grown to love and cherish the original one Robert Englund was a surprise i didn't really like. I mean once you get news that the original actor won’t play in the new movie the words “ABORT!ABORT!” should cross your mind as a producer but if you feel you just HAVE to continue on then bloody hell at least get a good enough replacement! I mean the new guy sounded like he had a fur ball stuck in his throat the whole movie; he was scrawnier and looked more like a ghoul than a serial killer. Hihihi ok re-reading that now I couldn’t help but burst out laughing but seriously though what’s next? An obese Pinhead in a new Hellraiser movie or the opposite an anorexic Jason??!! I guess basically what I’m trying to say to all the producers and directors out there is that if you plan to make a remake of a classic successful horror movie just keep in mind that there are millions of devoted some even obsessed fans i.e. Me :P who became that because we fell in love with the main character of that movie, therefore if you are to do a remake then don’t change the main character instead change the plot, which I think the directors of Halloween have done well because even though the story changes over time in the different remakes Michael Myers still physically remains somewhat the same.

What bugs me even more is that this movie was produced in friggin 2011??!! How is it possible that the character in a 1984 movie is scarier than one in 2011 when we are supposedly more technologically advanced??!! How is a makeup artist in 1984 much better than one today, the Freddy Krueger in the older movies burnt look looked more believable than in this new remake where in my eyes he looked more sautéed than burnt. I guess this leads me to my final questions for the day: If you have watched the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie what are your thoughts on it and the new improved Freddy? Also why do you think older horror movies are scarier than new age ones shouldn’t it be the other way around since we are supposed to be more advanced?

Oh by the way if you want to read a full review on this movie then please go and check it out on Marvin the Macabre blog Films my spouse made me watch and the link to the movie review is here: and don’t forget to follow his banging blog he really puts in a lot of work when writing his reviews so I hope you enjoy his site.

P.S the reason I have kind of been M.I.A on my blog is because I travelled to spend my summer vacation at home and have just been settling in and spending some one on one bonding time with la familia but now that I’m sick of their faces I’m back again! Hahaha jokes but yeah I was also having internet problems at home so that’s why I went kind of went silent for a bit but like Rocky Balboa I’m back again babeeeee and I aint going nowhere!! :D

Love, Peace and Bloody-coated hugs