Thursday, June 9, 2011

Extending The Battle of the Serial Killers!

Hello my dear faithful minions!

So i have decided to extend the 'Battle of the Serial killers' poll because as of today i'm done with my second semester of classes!!

 BUT i will still be having exams and the day the poll is suppose to initially end i won't be having an exam and thus won't be able to stay true to my bet of wearing something characteristic of the serial killer that wins as I will probably be stuck in my dorm room.

So i'm extending it till the 24th July which is the day i write my final Advanced Calculus exam, i mean think about it if your gonna fail might as well fail with a big BANG!

So the battle continues my dear friends, choose wisely because my social reputation hangs in the balance...

Well I'm off then to continue trying to mentally combust my advanced calculus textbook...grrrrrrrrr -_- 'I'm soooo close!!'

Love,Peace and Sugar-coated hugs