Thursday, December 30, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! This will be my last post for this year! Hope you all have a blessed and totally banging New Year!!!!

Since I'm all in the New Years mood i will watch and review a New Years related movie, its between Terror Train, End of Days and New Years Evil haven't made a decision yet but knowing me don't be surprised if I watch them all :).

I will only probably post it on Saturday with Sunday being the latest! Alriteee then go buck wild crazy welcoming 2011!!!!

Peace, Love and Sugar-coated Hugs

Devil (2010)


Heya! im back again for another movie review, i know its been like 2 weeks i havent posted anything but have been drowning in advanced calculus grrrrrrr :( . In anycase the movie of choice today is Devil directed by John and Drew Dowdle and based on a story by M. Night Shyamalan.

Devil is about five strangers who find themselves stuck in a broken elevator and while stuck there, from time to time the lights flicker off for a few minutes and when they go back on one of strangers dies. Now I'm claustrophobic so from the get go i found this movie scary and the moments when the lights flickered off, i actually found myself holding my breath for fear of how and who would die next. As each stranger gets killed off one by one, confusion and fear of not only the characters in the movie but also of me the viewer increases as we both try to figure out who the killer actually is.

 Is the killer one of the five strangers in the elevator? or as the title suggest the actual devil himself? The murders gradually get more elaborate, and with no clear clue as to who the killer is, the scared survivors end up blaming each other and get more paranoid as more people get killed off.

Overall I actually enjoyed this movie, i mean there were parts i thought could've been a little more scarier but other than that it was a good horror movie. What makes this movie scary and good is the tension and the atmosphere and the characters themselves also did a great job. So when you have the time i suggest you pop this in , turn off all the lights, blast up the volume and enjoy!

Rating: 8/10

Peace,Love and Sugar-coated Hugs *Pixie*