Saturday, May 7, 2011

Insidious (2011)


Initially when i saw this movies movie poster i wasn't really intrigued and actually put off watching this movie for quite sometime, i guess the movie poster wasn't really as captivating as i would have liked it to be but in any-case after much convincing from a close friend of mine i decided to watch to it. I have to tell you even  though the movie poster wasn't that impressive Insidious  is scary as SHIT!!! but i guess it being created from the writers and directors of Saw and the producers of Paranormal Activity  i shouldn't have expected anything less than close to absolute Horror perfection.

The movie is about a married couple Josh (played by the cute Patrick Wilson) and Renai (played by the beautiful Rose Byrne) who have children and find themselves in a house that they initially think is haunted but later after moving out they realize its actually their own 'coma stricken' son that is haunted. The fact that the boy can dream travel and gets stuck in a astral realm called 'The Further' for some time leaves his body open to other elements like demons, bad spirits and ghosts who desperately want to take over his body.

This movie delivers right from the very beginning with its creepy sounds, mind-boggling images and eerie feeling. This movie was just super awesome i mean i held onto my pillow for dear life throughout the whole movie and my muscles definitely got a work out as this movie had A LOT of jumpy super scary bits in it. If  there was ever a movie i would recommend for you to watch it would definitely be this one, i think the director James Wan definitely outdid himself with an awesome cast, script and atmosphere, although the ending is kind of one of the most universally used horror endings this was definitely the best damn  horror movie i have seen in a while.

If you have the guts i DARE you to watch it alone but for the faint hearted i would definitely suggest you watch it with someone cause it's that GOOD!

If you don't believe me check out the movie trailer below....

Rating: 9/10

Love,Peace & Sugar-coated Hugs

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