Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why I have been M.I.A for so long!!!

hi my dear horror movies lovers!!

Now i'm not one for long excuses but i do feel like i shud explain why i haven't updated my blog in sooooo friggin long but the thing is I'm currently in college and for the past couple of months assignments have been pilling up and have been having a crap load of exams! I know its a pretty lame excuse but if i want the parents to keep on financially supporting my shopping addiction then i gotta keep those grades up!

In anycase the bright side is that i'm back now and have sooo many reviews to put up to make up for lost time :). I hope y'all are doing great and i hope you enjoy my movie reviews and don't hesitate to comment, i would also  really like any good suggestions of scary movies to watch, since its kinda of becoming harder to come across a REAL good horror movie! :)

Love.Peace & Sugar-Coated hugs

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