Saturday, May 14, 2011

Halloween Weekend Horror Nights

So this weekends pick for Halloween Weekend Horror Nights is  the 1998 Japanese horror flick "Ringu" .

I'm sure most of you have watched the U.S movie 'The Ring' well that movie was actually based entirely off Ringu and thus has the same plot of a reporter who is tracking down the source of a cursed video and having already watched it she only has 7 days until the curse catches up with her.

I picked this movie because I think its one of the best horror movies i have ever watched and thus feel it would really make your weekend horror movie night super awesome. Since i watched it quite long ago i feel the need to watch it again and will just do that in a bit. For those who are new to my blog, Halloween Weekend Horror Nights is basically just were every weekend i suggest a really good and scary horror movie to watch ( if you are like me and like having marathon movie nights on the weekend) and after a week or so I then give a full in depth review of the movie. If you hopefully watched it too then your thoughts on the movie are totally welcomed and much needed.

Alrightee then I'm off to pop the popcorn in the microwave and set the mood for a real good night of horror...

Love,Peace and Sugar-Coated Hugs

Top 10 Horror Movies of 2010 according to me :)

10. The Last Exorcism

Think of it as new version of the 1973 The Exorcist classic, it doesn't come close to beating it but has some good attempts, although i didn't completely enjoy the movie i put it on the top 10 list as it did have some good ol' scary scenes.
check out my full review on the movie here: (

9. Piranha 3D

I have to be honest i didn't really have high expectations for the movie and actually put off watching it for a while, I mean come on its about fish massacring mostly half naked people at a spring break party *eyebrow raised*. But i don't know if it was watching it in 3D or not this movie didn't suck as much as i thought it would.

8. I spit on your grave

This was probably one of the most brutal movies i've watched and fella's i think this will definitely leave you cringing if not passed out on the floor. This movie is different in the fact that you will actually be cheering and rooting for the killer as she is trying to avenge the men that gang raped her.So guys i suggest you treat the ladies good cause they might just get some ideas from this movie :P

7. Mirrors 2

If you have watched the first Mirrors film then you will definitely enjoy the sequel. I held on tight to my pillow like a little baby throughout this movie and for about 2 weeks after watching it avoided looking in mirrors for long periods of time.

6. Let me in

This was probably one of the best 'disguised' vampire movies i have watched and i say disguised because you you don't even know that the little girl is a vampire, i mean technically the movie doesn't even flat out say that and thus you the viewer are left to your own conclusions. This movie had such a unique aspect to the over-used vampire concept.

5. Paranormal Activity 2

The scariest parts of this movie begin about 45minutes towards the end of the movie. It gave me chills and the scene in the kitchen when all of a sudden all the cupboards open almost made me fall out of my bed. I do feel though that Paranormal Activty 1 was better.

4. Daybreakers

Another movie that took a different and unique approach to the Vampire genre. I loved the movie but think the ending could have been much better and not as corny but Ethan Hawke is really sexy in this movie so I'm going to let this one slide *wink wink*.

3. Frozen

Lets just say this movie pretty much put off all my desires to go skiing someday. It's a great film that gives you chills throughout.

2. [REC]2

Aaah can't nobody do horror movies like the French, this a genre they have perfected and this can be seen in both Rec movies. It's such a good movie I had a hard time deciding on if it should be number 1, this is a definite MUST-SEE movie. Plus i have heard through the grapevines that there's plans for a Rec 3& possible 4, I can't wait!!!

And now the Top movie of 2010 according to me is *drum roll please*......

1. Insidious

This movie was freaking AWESOME, scary and had jumpy bits throughout the movie. I shamefully admit after watching this movie i slept with the light on...To read my full review of the movie please click on the link below:


So there you go that's my personal list! what do think? Which movie do you think was the best Horror movie of 2010?

Love,Peace and Sugar-coated Hugs

Black Friday (Friday 13th)

So i thought it would be cool instead of just the usual movie review to unleash my inner historian and give some background information on why Friday 13th is considered to be unlucky or unholy.

The fear of Friday 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatrickaidekaphobia (dang try saying that super fast). In any case there are A LOT of theories on the origins of Friday 13th but the one i will concentrate on and find somewhat credible, goes all the way back to the Knights of Templar (if you have read Dan Browns 'The Da Vinci Code' then you probably know some background information on them).

The Knights of Templar where a military order founded in Jerusalem in the year 1118, their original mission was to guide and protect Christian pilgrims along the route from Europe to Jerusalem during the Crusades. Over time the Knights gained a lot of power, fame and wealth to the disliking of the then King Philip who felt threatened and thus ordered a mass murder of the Knights to eliminate the competition. He of course had to charge the Templar Knights with accusations so crude that death would be the only fit punishment and with the backing of the Vatican and Pope Clement V who would dare to come to their defense. The Knights were charged with Spitting and defiling the cross, homosexuality, worshipping the Baphomet (Satan) and thus denying Christ and so on.
                                                   Pope Clement V
                                             King Philip of France

On Friday October 13 1307, at a big event in front of Notre Dame Cathedral King Philip had previously forced the Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay to publicly confess to the untruthful lies of King Philip but instead publicly denied the accusations and also testified that him and his Templar Knights where innocent men, this of course infuriated the King and he ordered for Molay and his second in command to be burned by the stake and the rest of the Knights were gruesomely tortured and killed.

Legend  has it that Molays last words was actually a curse on King Philip and Pope Clement in that they would also meet their death by the end of the year which both men did which greatly adds to the superstition of Friday 13th. Even though there isn't any proof that Friday 13th is actually an unlucky day people still to this day take great precautions when this day comes around.

 So i thought what better way to enjoy the night of Friday 13th than actually watching 'Friday 13th'. So am gonna do just that in a bit, hope you all have a great weekend!


Love, Peace and Sugar-coated hugs