Friday, July 29, 2011

Did Freddy Krueger fall prey to Hollywood and get some Botox and a face lift?

Before watching the new Nightmare on Elm Street 2011 movie last night I knew before hand from watching numerous interviews with the director and cast that they had apparently made “minor” changes to the new Freddy Krueger but it seems like the producer and the makeup artist need to pick up an Oxford dictionary and look up the meaning of minor as they have NO friggin clue what it means because to them the minor changes was his physical appearance and his voice. That’s like me telling my friends I’m going to get some MINOR plastic surgery but later come out of the operating room looking like Cher.

To me it looked like he had just gotten some work done before the filming of this movie don’t believe me here are some pics of the new and "improved" Freddy:

 Then to have the nerve to use a totally different actor for the role after we have grown to love and cherish the original one Robert Englund was a surprise i didn't really like. I mean once you get news that the original actor won’t play in the new movie the words “ABORT!ABORT!” should cross your mind as a producer but if you feel you just HAVE to continue on then bloody hell at least get a good enough replacement! I mean the new guy sounded like he had a fur ball stuck in his throat the whole movie; he was scrawnier and looked more like a ghoul than a serial killer. Hihihi ok re-reading that now I couldn’t help but burst out laughing but seriously though what’s next? An obese Pinhead in a new Hellraiser movie or the opposite an anorexic Jason??!! I guess basically what I’m trying to say to all the producers and directors out there is that if you plan to make a remake of a classic successful horror movie just keep in mind that there are millions of devoted some even obsessed fans i.e. Me :P who became that because we fell in love with the main character of that movie, therefore if you are to do a remake then don’t change the main character instead change the plot, which I think the directors of Halloween have done well because even though the story changes over time in the different remakes Michael Myers still physically remains somewhat the same.

What bugs me even more is that this movie was produced in friggin 2011??!! How is it possible that the character in a 1984 movie is scarier than one in 2011 when we are supposedly more technologically advanced??!! How is a makeup artist in 1984 much better than one today, the Freddy Krueger in the older movies burnt look looked more believable than in this new remake where in my eyes he looked more sautéed than burnt. I guess this leads me to my final questions for the day: If you have watched the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie what are your thoughts on it and the new improved Freddy? Also why do you think older horror movies are scarier than new age ones shouldn’t it be the other way around since we are supposed to be more advanced?

Oh by the way if you want to read a full review on this movie then please go and check it out on Marvin the Macabre blog Films my spouse made me watch and the link to the movie review is here: and don’t forget to follow his banging blog he really puts in a lot of work when writing his reviews so I hope you enjoy his site.

P.S the reason I have kind of been M.I.A on my blog is because I travelled to spend my summer vacation at home and have just been settling in and spending some one on one bonding time with la familia but now that I’m sick of their faces I’m back again! Hahaha jokes but yeah I was also having internet problems at home so that’s why I went kind of went silent for a bit but like Rocky Balboa I’m back again babeeeee and I aint going nowhere!! :D

Love, Peace and Bloody-coated hugs

Friday, July 15, 2011

I don't have a short attention span I just...OMG look its an ant!!!!

So i have been wanting to put up more movie reviews on this blog but I just can't seem to finish any of the horror movies i begin to watch making my mission impossible to finish. I don't know but I kinda have this thing that if a movie doesn't captivate me in the first 20 minutes I completely lose interest and do not concentrate on the movie at all, i swear this one time i sat down to watch a movie and literally after 30 minutes i just got up went to my bathroom and started straightening my hair :/.

I try i really do try but it seems that all the movies i pick to watch just suck soooo bad i just can't force myself to finish them. Does this mean i have a short attention span? because i kind of do the same thing when talking to people especially my mom like she can be talking to me about something and I will totally be paying attention for like 10 minutes and then after that my brain goes on auto pilot and all i hear is" blah blah blah blah  you know blah blah blah blah unbelievable blah blah blah blah what do you think blah blah blah ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!!!!" 

So yes the reason why i have technically only put up one movie review in the past week is because of this. bleh :/ but hopefully i will find some good movies to watch and will hopefully put up some new movie reviews soon. If you have any suggestions i mean ANY suggestions on good movies to watch please write them in the comment box below and will definitely check them out! :)

Love,Peace and Bloody-coated hugs

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't you wish your priest was this kickass?

Don't we all dream of our priest being a kickass vampire slayer/marshal artist?

...No?...Just me? well i think after watching Priest (2011) directed by Scott Steward you might change your mind. So for this weekends Halloween Weekend Horror Nights I recommend you watch it if you haven't already.

So i don't want to give too much away but this movie is basically a sort of modern western post-apocalyptic movie set in a different world where for years there has been this never ending war between vampires and humans. Its all up to this legendary vampire-slayer priest (played by Paul Bettany), his nieces Sheriff boyfriend (Cam Gigandet) and another badass priestess (Maggie Q) to stop the vampires from succeeding and to also save the priests'  niece who has been kidnapped by the very same vampires.

Why you should watch it?

Because its a great action packed exhilarating movie. The vampires are visually awesome because they are actually monstrous and do not look one bit human and they are of course lethal, ferocious and have no mercy at all. The casting is awesome you have Paul Bettany who gives a rogue magnetic performance, you have Maggie Q (the same woman who plays Nikkita in the series Nikkita) who as usual delivers on the badass and has got me wanting to sign up for marshal art classes, you have Karl Urban who gives a superbly evil and devious performance and then of course what is a movie without some pretty boy eye candy and thats where Cam Gigandet fits in :).

Why you might not like it:

It kind of feels like the director stole various scenes from different movies and morphed it into this one. I think while watching this a light bulb will switch on and you will recognize some of the scenes are like modified versions from other previous movies. There is especially this slow-motion fighting scene in the movie that i think the concept was completely stolen from The Matrix, other movies that may come into mind while watching this is Daybreakers, Resident Evil, Blade and Legion.

Last thoughts:

After watching this movie and many others like it I have always had this one reoccurring question.The aim of the vampires is to over-run the human race and drive it to extinction by basically eating them or turning them into vampires too right? but lets say the vampires win, lets say they have completely driven the whole human race to extinction then what? are they all gonna just sit around chilling on the beach sipping margaritas? what will they eat if they have basically killed off their main food source?

What are your thoughts on that?

Peace,Love and Bloody-coated hugs

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Seriously re-thinking about having children when I'm older!

Why you may ask? because...

 I don't want to end up giving birth to the damn Antichrist, i mean how the hell will i explain that when i reach the pearly white gates of heaven "Saint Peter! My main man! Homie!!! ok before you make your verdict I know this looks bad, so i gave birth to Lucifer? You shouldn't judge, I'm still the same person as before? Right?" :/

 I don't want my baby one night to get feverish and start having convulsions.Then the next day get possessed become evil and turn into a mini serial killer, killing any adult that gets in his/her way. I do not want to be mutilated by my own child i mean excuse me for loving all my limbs in place.

 I do not want to give birth to silver haired red eyed killer alien children posing as humans. Do i really need to explain this one? :/
I don't want to my child to just happen to be born on the night of a total eclipse. Due to the moon and sun blocking Saturn the planet that controls emotions my child ends up being a serial killer and bloody good one at that because who suspects a child for being a serial killer. While other parents show off pictures of their children at soccer matches or their child's' first dance i will have an album full of my child's mug shots??
 "Oh and here is my baby johnny at the Sarpy County Sheriffs Office *sniff sniff* they grow up so fast!"

 I do not want to risk the chance of one day a nuclear plant leak leaking into the same school bus my baby is in and then turns them and other children into murderous zombies with black fingernails, do you know how hard it is removing black from finger nails??!!

I do not want to be on a nice christmas vacation with my child and then for some reason they have decided to turn on me!! aint no way i might spend 12 hours in labour giving birth to you and now your ungratefull lil ass wants too kill me? oh no booboo not today! not today!

I also do not want to end up adopting a sinister murderous child. I mean come on I find it in my heart to adopt you from a crappy orphanage and i bring you into my home, i feed and bath you and now you want to kill my biological children and run off with my husband! where is the love people??

 And lastly i do not want my child to get possessed by some demons.Now i have too deal with your potty  mouth, you scratching my newly polished hardwood floors with demonic symbols, having to change the bed sheets every damn 30 minutes because apparently demons do not have bowel or bladder control and not only that but i have to pay for a priest to come and do an exorcism on you? Oh no that is just way too much stress for me to handle.

So as you can see with all the movies that come out about demon babies do you really blame me for being hesitant on having children?.....What are your thoughts and what is your favorite movie with demonic children?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm a couch potato! So what?! Don't Judge!!

Here is a list of all the horror related TV series I'm currently watching and loving and so should you:

Vampire diaries:

Why should you watch this?
emmm hello did you not see the hotness in the series poster above do you really need that much convincing???


Why should you watch this?
Because any supernatural related topic you can think of is covered in this totally kickass TV series and you get to see two really hot brothers kicking ass and fighting evil. What more do you want people??!!

True Blood:

Why should you watch this?
The plot is spicy i mean you can never go wrong with a mixture of vampires,witches,werewolves and shape-shifters. Also the women are beautiful and the men are hot so everyone should be pleased..but hands of Eric that vampire is MINE :)

Walking Dead:

Why should you watch this?
Because there are scary zombies in it. Enough said!

Ghost hunters:

Why should you watch this?
Why not?

Ghost Whisperer:

Why should you watch this?
I think the series title is pretty self-explanatory but i really love how freaky and scary these ghost appear to her and how persistent they can be.

 Scare Tactics:

Why should you watch this?
If you don't rush to see this series based solely off the series poster then i really don't know what's wrong with you? lol. As a certified prankster myself this is the best Horror Prank show ever and people who know me be warned i have been jotting down some ideas.....

Love,Peace and Bloody-coated hugs

Yes Pixie isn't as fearless as you think

So most people think that with my love of horror movies that I'm pretty much not afraid of anything. Well actually there is this one fear that scares the crap outta me and so here i go with my confession:

Hi everyone! my name is Pixie and I'm an arachnophobe! 

And yes that means I haven't watched the movie Arachnophobia or Tarantula though i did think i would face my fear by watching Eight legged Freaks which was the most STUPID mistake i have EVER made i mean if i can't stand smaller real-life spiders, what would make me like monstrous sized ones. 

To you a spider looks like this:

To me it looks like this:
I don't know if that means i have an overactive imagination but thats how i see them and i can't help it. I always feel that they are about to pounce on me and suck my body dry and i think they know I'm so scared of them because wherever i go they always just seem to appear.My dad always told me not to be afraid of them because I'm actually bigger than them so what is to fear? Well dad here is some food for thought I am bigger than guns,knifes,axes and bombs does that mean I shouldn't be afraid of them too?

I don't care what anyone says i don't think i will get over my fear very soon but hopefully one day i will be able to sit down and watch Arachnophobia without twitching and scratching the skin off my body in fear. So the question for today is what do you fear the most and why?

We are gonna call this Phobias Anonymous, so start off by saying your name and what your phobia is and explain why you fear that particular thing...

Love, Peace and Bloody-coated hugs *decided to change it bloody,sugar sounded too over the top sweet*