Monday, May 9, 2011

Halloween Weekend Horror Nights

So since I'm back to blogging again i have decided its out with old and in with NEW! thus now i bring to you Halloween Weekend Horror Nights where every weekend i watch a couple of horror movies but only review the horror movie which i thought was the best and would recommend for a true weekend night of HORROR! (insert Vincent Price laugh).

The movie on the chopping board today is the supernatural thriller The Rite (2011) directed by Mikael Håfström (the same guy who directed the horror movie 1408, which i really wasn't that impressed with and thus didn't have high hopes for this movie).

In any case as I have stated on my review of The Last Exorcism (if you haven't read it yet then please do as much as I love exorcism movies I feel the concept has been used,reused and abused like a crack pipe to a crack head but I feel even though this movie does use the same concepts as other movies before it, it definitely delivers more on the horror and scary side where most recent exorcism movies fail to deliver. 

Then again with kick-ass veteran actors like Anthony Hopkins who would expect anything less than cinematic perfection.

The movie is about a skeptical seminary student Michael Kovak (played by Colin O'Donoghue) who starts attending an exorcism school in the Vatican. While in Rome he meets an unconventional priest/exorcist Father Lucas(Anthony Hopkins) who tries to show the skeptic Michael that demons and evil does exist in the world and that exorcisms are real.

 One thing i have to note is that this movie is apparently based on a true story and I have to say sometimes it does make me wonder if thats true or if that's just a way to make the movie more scarier as reality is a pretty scary thing in itself, now i am a superstious person so this in NO WAY is an invitation for demons to come posses my body and prove me wrong (i have enough stress and problems in my life as it is), i'm just saying these days most movies like putting the 'Based on true story' line in the beginning of their movies. 

Now since the point of this 'Halloween Weekend Horror Nights' is to suggest a good movie to pop in the VCR (if you broke like me and still can't afford a DVD player :) ) and hopefully scare the crap outta you I'm not gonna delve too much into what the movie is about as i would like to give you time to watch it yourselves and then after one week give a full in depth review of the movie.

Not to leave you hanging though here is the movie trailer below, ENJOY! :

Rating: 8/10

Love,Peace & Sugar-coated hugs

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