Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm a couch potato! So what?! Don't Judge!!

Here is a list of all the horror related TV series I'm currently watching and loving and so should you:

Vampire diaries:

Why should you watch this?
emmm hello did you not see the hotness in the series poster above do you really need that much convincing???


Why should you watch this?
Because any supernatural related topic you can think of is covered in this totally kickass TV series and you get to see two really hot brothers kicking ass and fighting evil. What more do you want people??!!

True Blood:

Why should you watch this?
The plot is spicy i mean you can never go wrong with a mixture of vampires,witches,werewolves and shape-shifters. Also the women are beautiful and the men are hot so everyone should be pleased..but hands of Eric that vampire is MINE :)

Walking Dead:

Why should you watch this?
Because there are scary zombies in it. Enough said!

Ghost hunters:

Why should you watch this?
Why not?

Ghost Whisperer:

Why should you watch this?
I think the series title is pretty self-explanatory but i really love how freaky and scary these ghost appear to her and how persistent they can be.

 Scare Tactics:

Why should you watch this?
If you don't rush to see this series based solely off the series poster then i really don't know what's wrong with you? lol. As a certified prankster myself this is the best Horror Prank show ever and people who know me be warned i have been jotting down some ideas.....

Love,Peace and Bloody-coated hugs

Yes Pixie isn't as fearless as you think

So most people think that with my love of horror movies that I'm pretty much not afraid of anything. Well actually there is this one fear that scares the crap outta me and so here i go with my confession:

Hi everyone! my name is Pixie and I'm an arachnophobe! 

And yes that means I haven't watched the movie Arachnophobia or Tarantula though i did think i would face my fear by watching Eight legged Freaks which was the most STUPID mistake i have EVER made i mean if i can't stand smaller real-life spiders, what would make me like monstrous sized ones. 

To you a spider looks like this:

To me it looks like this:
I don't know if that means i have an overactive imagination but thats how i see them and i can't help it. I always feel that they are about to pounce on me and suck my body dry and i think they know I'm so scared of them because wherever i go they always just seem to appear.My dad always told me not to be afraid of them because I'm actually bigger than them so what is to fear? Well dad here is some food for thought I am bigger than guns,knifes,axes and bombs does that mean I shouldn't be afraid of them too?

I don't care what anyone says i don't think i will get over my fear very soon but hopefully one day i will be able to sit down and watch Arachnophobia without twitching and scratching the skin off my body in fear. So the question for today is what do you fear the most and why?

We are gonna call this Phobias Anonymous, so start off by saying your name and what your phobia is and explain why you fear that particular thing...

Love, Peace and Bloody-coated hugs *decided to change it bloody,sugar sounded too over the top sweet*