Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't you wish your priest was this kickass?

Don't we all dream of our priest being a kickass vampire slayer/marshal artist?

...No?...Just me? well i think after watching Priest (2011) directed by Scott Steward you might change your mind. So for this weekends Halloween Weekend Horror Nights I recommend you watch it if you haven't already.

So i don't want to give too much away but this movie is basically a sort of modern western post-apocalyptic movie set in a different world where for years there has been this never ending war between vampires and humans. Its all up to this legendary vampire-slayer priest (played by Paul Bettany), his nieces Sheriff boyfriend (Cam Gigandet) and another badass priestess (Maggie Q) to stop the vampires from succeeding and to also save the priests'  niece who has been kidnapped by the very same vampires.

Why you should watch it?

Because its a great action packed exhilarating movie. The vampires are visually awesome because they are actually monstrous and do not look one bit human and they are of course lethal, ferocious and have no mercy at all. The casting is awesome you have Paul Bettany who gives a rogue magnetic performance, you have Maggie Q (the same woman who plays Nikkita in the series Nikkita) who as usual delivers on the badass and has got me wanting to sign up for marshal art classes, you have Karl Urban who gives a superbly evil and devious performance and then of course what is a movie without some pretty boy eye candy and thats where Cam Gigandet fits in :).

Why you might not like it:

It kind of feels like the director stole various scenes from different movies and morphed it into this one. I think while watching this a light bulb will switch on and you will recognize some of the scenes are like modified versions from other previous movies. There is especially this slow-motion fighting scene in the movie that i think the concept was completely stolen from The Matrix, other movies that may come into mind while watching this is Daybreakers, Resident Evil, Blade and Legion.

Last thoughts:

After watching this movie and many others like it I have always had this one reoccurring question.The aim of the vampires is to over-run the human race and drive it to extinction by basically eating them or turning them into vampires too right? but lets say the vampires win, lets say they have completely driven the whole human race to extinction then what? are they all gonna just sit around chilling on the beach sipping margaritas? what will they eat if they have basically killed off their main food source?

What are your thoughts on that?

Peace,Love and Bloody-coated hugs


  1. This movie didn't only rip off a few other movies, but that image looks an awful lot like "The Cape" character with a knife added!

    That's an interesting question. I've actually never seen a movie where vampires wanted to completely eradicate humans. You're right - they'd still need a food source. From the movies I've seen, vampires only turn people they really like into other vampires. I doubt they would turn a person they dislike into a creature that is around forever. Imagine having to run into an annoying person for an eternity! :)

  2. There was a British television series called 'Ultraviolet' in which the vampires were attempting to get organized and 'farm' all the humans as a food source once they took control of the world.

  3. Agreed, vampires would never completely eradicate their food source. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't "turn" just anybody. Not unless it was an accident.

    I also wanted to say thanks for following my blog. My upcoming book is about zombies, so keep checking back for its release date TBA. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  4. @Justine OMG i ddnt realize that about the movie poster till u said so dang they shud be sued or something hahah and yea i totally understand that but like in this movie it seemed like thats what they wanted to do to either kill the humans or turn them but then if everyone is a vampire what do u feed on?...

    Omg there is actually this old 90's vampire movie "Vampire in Brooklyn" not sure if you have watched it or not but Snoop Dogg plays the main badass vampire (and yes i did say Snoop Dogg hahaa) and he basically turns this guy into like his vamp slave or rather i guess his ghoul and he is the most annoying yet funny ghoul/vamp ever. but yea i totally see what you mean being stuff with an annoying person for eternity would truly suck a lot but knowing me i would probably stake them before they became to much of an annoyance haha

  5. @Little Gothic horrors yeah i have seen other movies with the same concept like Daybreakers but in this particular movie (Priest) they made it seem like all they wanted to do was eradicate the human race which seemed pretty stupid to me lol

  6. @ Robin yea i see what you mean and thats SUPER awesome about your book coming out soon i REALLY love reading zombie books or any horror related books or any books at all so wll def be looking out for that! Thanks for the heads up! :D

  7. Haha, yeah I'd think there would be a lawsuit too, except The Cape was cancelled. So I guess it doesn't matter so much anymore...I was actually really enjoying The Cape! I can't believe that it's over already.

    I've heard of "Vampire in Brooklyn" but I haven't seen it. Snoop Dogg as a vampire? That sounds worth watching! I'm guessing that's a comedy? Oh, that's a funny idea: turning someone into a vampire and then deciding to stake them! I don't think I've ever seen a vampire stake another vampire in a movie. Just when you think every vampire idea has been done! Someone should make a movie with that plot and call it "Vampire Breakup" :)