Friday, July 15, 2011

I don't have a short attention span I just...OMG look its an ant!!!!

So i have been wanting to put up more movie reviews on this blog but I just can't seem to finish any of the horror movies i begin to watch making my mission impossible to finish. I don't know but I kinda have this thing that if a movie doesn't captivate me in the first 20 minutes I completely lose interest and do not concentrate on the movie at all, i swear this one time i sat down to watch a movie and literally after 30 minutes i just got up went to my bathroom and started straightening my hair :/.

I try i really do try but it seems that all the movies i pick to watch just suck soooo bad i just can't force myself to finish them. Does this mean i have a short attention span? because i kind of do the same thing when talking to people especially my mom like she can be talking to me about something and I will totally be paying attention for like 10 minutes and then after that my brain goes on auto pilot and all i hear is" blah blah blah blah  you know blah blah blah blah unbelievable blah blah blah blah what do you think blah blah blah ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!!!!" 

So yes the reason why i have technically only put up one movie review in the past week is because of this. bleh :/ but hopefully i will find some good movies to watch and will hopefully put up some new movie reviews soon. If you have any suggestions i mean ANY suggestions on good movies to watch please write them in the comment box below and will definitely check them out! :)

Love,Peace and Bloody-coated hugs


  1. It's not an attention span problem, it's burn out from trying to watch too many films. I'm going through the same thing mainly because I've already seen everything and I have to watch them again to review them. Want something good to watch? "Mum & Dad" (2008). I don't think you've done that one yet.

  2. You should just review the first 20 minutes, then review the activity you did instead of finishing it. For example:

    Ghosts of Edendale was a big piece of shit, but my hair looks effing awesome.

    Personally, I don't turn off many movies no matter how bad they suck, but I generally only review the ones that are either so good people have to know about them, or are so bad that I have to warn people against them. All the "meh" movies I watch don't get mentioned unless I'm really bored.

  3. Don't worry about it! If something isn't good, why waste your time on it? I'm like that with movies and books. I'll give a book like one chapter to suck me into the plot.

    As far as being able to concentrate and fully listen to someone, studies have shown that the average person can only do this for 20 minutes if they're really trying! If you aren't trying too hard, I've heard it's only seven minutes! So you're probably above average in listening to your mom for 10 minutes. :)

  4. Thanks for the follow, like the look of your blog. Joker looks right at home up there with Jason, Freddy, and the boys.

    As for movies, lately I've seen and loved Troll Hunter, Hobo With a Shotgun, Doghouse, I Saw the Devil, and Insidious is finally on dvd, definitely check it out if you haven't.

  5. Im havin similar issues, but I think mine are related to the internet, and its rapid fire information snippits, ala youtube. I have to actively aviod the pc anytime I wanna see a film, or I find myself checkin my mail etc. Its pathetic, I know, but help is being sought :D (all the films Mr bones recommended I would agree with, those should keep you on yr toes! ;)

  6. Jeez, we must have the same illness. I give a movie exactly 15 minutes to get me and then--it's off. I just saw Insidious and I thought that was worth it. Very moody and creepy.

  7. @Dr Blood yea i guess its im kind of burning out but no i havent even heard of that movie so i will def get on watching that soon!! thanks!!

    @Marvin the Macabre HAHAHA that doesnt sound like a bad idea at all and wow u really have a lot of strength and perseverance to be able to watch a really bad movie from start to end, i have tried many a times but failed miserably haha

    @Justines Halloween hihihi thanks feels good to know im not the only one and yea now that u mention it i also do the same things with books if i dnt get sucked in either i just jump to the last chapter of the book or i just shove it under my bed, a habit my mom dsnt find too funny haha

    @Mister Bones no probs i totally dig ur blog!!! oh and a million thanks for the movie suggestions hopefully i will finish watching them soon and get some reviews up!! :)

    @Kyle HAHAHA i do the same thing except for me its like if im signed onto MSN while watching a movie cas it always seems like when im nt doing anything no one wants to chat with me but as soon as i start a movie BAM im chatting to like 6 people at the same time :( but yes i def love all the movie suggestions im getting and will get onto wacthing them soon!! :P

    @Autumn Forest hahaha its good knowing im not alone but yes i LOVED Insidious like a whole LOT!! i have to admit i have watched it like 3 times already but in my defence its only because some of my friends havent watched it so the nly way they wud watch it was if i was with them cas they get pretty freaked out easily..