Saturday, June 11, 2011

You are FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I just want to thank a couple of totally AWESOME people and want you to bask in their awesomeness!!!
Firstly I just checked my total page views and apparently so far i have 1044 pageviews!!!

THANK YOU to all of you who take the time out to check my blog it means so much knowing I'm not talking to myself and that there people out there who find my blog readable :P

Secondly I want to give some Pixie love to these blogs:

Thanks Horror Smorgasbord for adding me to you blog list, I think my high number of page views is from being on your list. To my minions please check out his blog if you haven't yet because its super awesome, he has kickass reviews on all stuff horror related! (click his blog name above to direct you to his blog)

Thanks to The Uranium Cafe for adding my blog to your "Blogs I dig and so should you" section, it really does mean a lot since I'm technically a newbie and because of you adding my blog to your list it has definitely been part of the reason why my total page views is so much. Do check out his blog its also really kickass and if your into classic horror movies then his blog is definitely the best place to go for awesome movie reviews. (click his blog name above to direct you to his blog).

HUGE THANKS to Large  Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB) for letting me be an official LAMB member and for posting my blog profile on your blog!( It truly is super awesome and i couldn't thank you enough. Im sure A LOT of bloggers are familiar with LAMB its a great and successful blog that everyone should check out! (click their blog name above to direct you to their blog)

Thirdly I want to thank my minions/followers!! I can't believe I have 33 followers already you guys are just OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-KICKASS!!! Its so great to know that 33 people find my blog worthy of following and a BIG thank you to all of you that take the time out to comment on my posts, your the best minions a person could have! *sob sob*

I also want to thank my BFF's:

  • Peach(thanks for following, commenting and liking my blog! it means a lot coming from someone who is just as horror movie obsessed as me...luv ya lots chickita)
  • Freda(thanks firstly for posting my website link on your facebook wall that was super cool, thanks for following and commenting on my blog your just super kickass and luv ya lots too)
  • Lina (thank you for putting up with me with all my blabbering about my blog and its awesome followers. Even though you hate horror movies with ALL your heart thanks for still following my blog it means so much..luv ya lots and lots)
Ok re-reading this now I sound like im giving an acceptance speech at the Oscars ( I'm really not this emotional on a daily basis but i guess you all bring out that side of me haha)but in anycase ANYONE who reads, comments and/or follows this blog gets my...........

If you want to show off your awesomeness with this seal on your blog then go ahead, just don't forget to link it back to this blog.

Total Times I wrote Awesome in this blog post: 9

Yeah cause I'm awesome like that! haha wait scratch that make it 10 times :P

Love,Peace and Sugar-Coated Hugs


  1. The Official Seal of Awesomeness! How fun is that? Congrats on all your page views! I've been enjoying what you have to say here. :)

  2. I don't mean to sound like Miley Cyrus here, but that's pretty cool. Congratulations!

  3. @ Chris thank you sooo much :)

    @ Justine Thanks a bunch i really appreciate it, and thank you soo much for like commenting on my different blog posts and stuff.i really enjoy your blog and always have to check it out whenever i sign on onto the way will get the name of that chateau i was talking about in your voodoo blogpost tomorrow, i always seem to forget to ask my friend whenever i see him but don't worry i wrote a reminder on my forehead! hahaha jokes :P

    @ Sean THANKS sooo much!!!OMG as soon i read the word 'Miley Cyrus' the Party in the USA song popped in my head and now I can't stop humming it...i swear i think they like put digital cocaine in her CD's hahaha

  4. I normally don't follow horror blogs but I'll keep an eye on your posts in my RSS reader because you write really good! Congrats to all your awesomeness!

  5. @ Joel really?!! THANK YOU!!! that really means a lot to me and I hope you keep enjoying the blog posts to come :)...THANKS again! :)

  6. Ty very much for the kind words. I def like reading your posts and your background pic is killer. I think its great when horror fans support each other and our love for the genre. Plus I love reading different views on movies or anything relating to horror. Definitely look forward to reading more posts.

  7. Aww...No problem! I read and comment on your blog because it's fun, amusing, and well written! Oh, yes please get the name of that chateau! I'm sure a standard post-it note will work fine as a reminder. :)

  8. Thanks Pixie. I have been away from blogging for a bit and trying to get back in the groove and this is a nice way to feel I have not been working in a vacuum the last months or so :)