Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pieces of Me (Part 2)

Hey there my wonderful horror freaks!

It's been quite a while since my last blogpost but most of you might not know but I'm currently studying in Beijing and being in China means that a helluva lot of websites are blocked here including blogspot, making this extremely hard for me to post things up on a constant basis.

Not to worry though being the lil geek I am i found a way to bypass it, though I'm not sure how long it will last but yea enough of the explanations and back to this post..

So this post is Part 2 of my previous "Pieces of me" post and for those who don't know, I started this post to basically share pages from my sketchbook that i haven't even shown to anybody so without further adieu here is page 2:

Will be putting up another post in a bit with a list of horror movies to look out for in April!

Love, Peace and Bloody-coated hugs


  1. Wow! I knew a lot of sites were blocked in China, but I wouldn't have thought Blogspot would have been one of them! Way to get around that. Hopefully, you'll be able to continue blogging now.

    That's a surreal sketch! What's going on in that? I'm seeing it as a mask with antlers and some suspicious dripping from behind the mask. I like the cloud-like hair to the sides. It's really 60s!

  2. Yaaay i can finally reply to your comment! Yea it gets really frustrating over here do you know at one point they had blocked google!?! but it was only for like a day, i guess they must have gotten a lot of uproar especially from students.

    Thanks a bunch for the compliment it actually started of as random doodle i was doing during class, my roomie saw it and kept on telling me finish it so i finally did. Now that i finished it it kinda looks like a China doll gone rogue haha