Monday, December 17, 2012

Pieces of me

It's been so long I haven't put up a post that I feel like this is my very first but with a year and half left in college my courses are getting much harder and my assignment load just keeps on piling up so unfortunately this blog had to take a back seat.

On the brighter side though I am back and even though for now I may not be able to update posts on a regular basis I will try my best to squeeze in a post or two once I do get a breather!

I mean nothing is more soothing after being mentally raped by class and exams than blogging!

So not a lot of people know this not even my parents but I really love sketching and just drawing whatever I may come across but I have never actually showed people my sketches, so i decided to start a post called "Pieces of me" where i will basically just be sharing pages from my sketchbooks. Now I am in no shape or form the next Leonardo Da Vinci and some of my sketches are incomplete but I just thought it would be a great way to open up and just show you guys what I do when I should technically be listening to my professor and making study notes.

Enough babbling below is page 1 of further more to come:

So that's about all if you know of any great artistic horror blogs please do let me know so I can follow and procrastinate even more.

Love, Peace and Bloody-coated hugs


  1. Nice drawings! I look forward to seeing more of them. Your skeleton woman could make a nice tattoo. It's good to have you back, if temporarily. :)

  2. Yes, as Justine said, it's good to have you back! Love your drawings! I take it from your textbooks that you're studying medicine? You'll be handy to have around during the zombie apocalypse! ;)

  3. @Justine Thank you soo much,weirdly enough I actually have a friend who wants to use my sketch and get a tattoo of stoked!! will def take pics if he does go through with it and post them up on here! I definately feel great being back i hope i can be on here as often as possible!!

    @LGH Thanks a bunch feel awkward posting it on here but hey had to do it someday...hahahah question is will I be reachable during the zombie apocalypse, I see myself going MIA hahaha

  4. Nice drawings, indeed. You're very talented.
    Happy holidays!