Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury

Never ever underestimate the power of a women below are the 5 most horrific acts of women on their cheating spouses. Guys an advance warning the closer you get to 1 the more horrific these acts are and reading this may hurt you more psychologically than us so read with caution lol. Enjoy! J
After Oyinda Ojofeitimi from Queens found out that her husband Emmanuel Ojofeitimi of many years was cheating on him in an act of anger and revenge she poured boiling water on her husband’s groin while he was still asleep. He was escorted out of the home on a stretcher.


Three woman exacted a painful revenge on a cheating husband who they discovered was sleeping with them all, they superglued his private parts to his stomach. The plan was set up by the man’s wife who found out that he was cheating on her with as many as 5 women.
 The attack took place after Therese Ziemann,47, lured the husband to a motel in Chilton, Wisconsin, with the promise of a massage.

The husband voluntarily allowed himself to be tied to the bed and blindfolded.As he lay prone on the bed, Ziemann opened the motel room door and two other women, Wendy Sewell,44, and Michelle Belliveau,43, burst in.
According to a police report the man's underpants were cut off with a pair of scissors and a tube of superglue squirted over his most sensitive body part. Mr Davis was finally released after he started screaming, and police say the women fled with his mobile phone, wallet and car. 


A girl found out that her long-time boyfriend was cheating on her so in a vicious act of revenge she lured the guy to the bedroom tied him to the bed and took off his pants then excused herself from the room and when she came back everything was not as rosy as the guy thought because she threw a pot of hot grease on his private parts. The man experienced third degree burns to his family jewels. Now if you want to see the photo of this atrocious event click here nasty.jpg but BE WARNED the photo is VERY graphic and disturbing so click at your own risk.


a Russian woman did the unthinkable after learning that her boyfriend intended to leave her for another woman, the girl tied several firecrackers to his private parts and exploded them.
The 33 year old victim, named Alik D, had lived with the woman whose name is Kira V. for about two years but when Kira started suggesting that they should marry, Alik refused and said that he would rather return to his first wife with whom he had a son.
But Alik made one near FATAL mistake. Instead of packing up his stuff and just leaving, he agreed to have Kira make him a farewell dinner. *IDIOT*.

During the large meal, Kira continued to feed the guy liquor and after some heavy drinking, Alik fell asleep. Kira then reportedly tied several firecrackers to Alik’s penis and exploded them. 
Alik was rushed to intensive care where doctors are fighting for his life. Kira faces 12 years in prison for her crime.

  1. *Drumroll* the award for the most horrific act on a spouse goes to…Catherine Becker.

A woman named Catherine Becker was arrested for drugging her husband , cutting off his penis and throwing it into the garbage disposal because she was angry about an impending divorce.
She is said to have made her husband dinner at their California home on a Monday night and put an unknown poison or drug in the food to make him pass out. When he woke up, he was tied to a bed and could not move while his wife took a 10 inch knife to his genitalia before throwing the organ into the garbage disposal and turning it on. When ambulances arrived they found her husband bleeding from his crotch and for those who might be wondering yes he actually did survive the attack but now will forever look like a Ken doll.

I guess it is true “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

Love,Peace and Bloody-coated hugs


  1. Yay! You're back!

    OK, I'm noticing a common theme here...

    What about Lorena Bobbit? I guess Lorena was still nicer than the last lady. At least she tossed it on the side of the road instead of down the garbage disposal. Can you imagine being the person who made that discovery on the side of the road?

    So, since I live in Wisconsin, I got to hear A LOT about the three ladies in Chilton. That story got a lot of laughs. Even from the newswomen who were attempting to be serious as they talked about the case! Even the man it happened to laughed a little in court! Which was weird.

  2. I bet the guys will be well and truly wincing when they read this. It doesn't surprise me that a scorned woman would always go for a man's most prized possession if she really wanted her ultimate revenge.

    Like Justine, Lorena Bobbit came to my mind when I first started reading this.

    Years ago my father prosecuted this psycho murderer. He was found guilty and sent to prison. From prison he threatened my family, the judge, witnesses, etc. Fortunately, the other prisoners hated him and would find ways to get sharp implements to him, because he (being a psycho) would cut his body up.

    One day, after the other prisoners managed to give him a razor blade, he sliced off his own ears and his penis. Doctors managed to re-attach his ears, but a prison guard apparently "accidentally" trod on his penis and damaged it beyond repair.

  3. Welcome back. Oh I see you wrote a post let me read it whats this about....oh my. Haha I def hurt after reading that, Thank you :)

  4. One more thing ~ I love the first picture you posted in this entry. Where did you find that?

    A note to Little Gothic Horrors: You have the best stories from your Dad's cases! You two should compile them into a book. I never thought of your family being threatened by a person who was sent to prison. How scary! That sounds like a plot from several TV shows I've watched. The last sentence of your story made me laugh. Something about the way you phrased that! :)

  5. Hey Justine - Yes, it was funny, and poetic justice, although I don't know whether the psycho cared, seeing as he was the one to lop it off in the first place. He's dead now, fortunately! He finally managed to do himself in - thanks to the tenacious efforts of the other prisoners in supplying him with lethal objects. I was living in London at the time, but it was a huge relief for my parents and sister.

  6. Heya So before i start replying to your awesome comments i gotta jst appologize for taking so long to reply its jst i have been super busy this summer holiday and i usualy get bk home at night and by that time im so bummed out tired that jst go straight to bed and dnt even go online. with that being said....

    @Justine Oh yea i actually completely forgot abt Lorena but yeah she was a lil kinder than the last lady cas even tho she cut off the guys jewels she threw them in the snow which tech saved them and he was lucky enough to get it sewn back *ewww* lol but i dnt thnk there is really much you can do when its shredded to bits in a garbage disposal lol

    Im dead sure if i was a reporter reporting abt the three women in Chilton i wud laugh my ass off cas it was jst to funny and that is super weird that the guy it happened to laughed a lil in court lol i dnt thnk i wud b i mean he will nw forever be known as the guy who got his junk superglued to his stomach i dnt thnk ppl cn ever EVER forget that lol

  7. @Little Gothic Horrors Bahahah im sure they did casein point Slowdeath77 hihihi and OMG i laughed so hard when i read the last sentence of your comment in anycase he oviously ddnt want the thing if he chopped it off himself in the first place but i wud pay to be a fly on that wall and see the reactions of other prison guards after he "accidently" stepped on the guys junk :). I totally agree with Justine you shud write these things down and either make a book or turn these stories into a TV series heck i wud def watch it lol

  8. @Slowdeath77 Bahahaha i sure hope you had a glass of water near by when you read this wudnt want you to pass out or anything lol :P

  9. I stand corrected! The discovery was made in a snow pile not just on the side of the road. You're right, ice and snow would help preserve a severed body part. Yes, it was sewn back on and from what I heard he enjoyed a successful porn career after that. Which leaves me with some questions...

    Yeah, well that crazy guy from Chilton was laughing in court because he was on TV with the evidence of having three women in his life. He was really nasty too. So, I think he was pretty much just proud of himself for being the big playboy. There wasn't any lasting damage anyway. He looked popular, the women got a little revenge, and the rest of us got a good laugh. Everyone wins! :)

  10. I'd love a survey between men and women to see what percentage of each thinks these acts were justified. I could go either way on the super glue one.