Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh Hell No! I know you didn't just.......

  • Run away into the bathroom from your now zombified husband/ wife and then press your head against the bathroom door calling out their name and not expect for them to bash their head in trying to get through to EAT you!
  • Escape from the house were the same mentioned husband/wife is, get to the car and instead of getting in and driving away like a Formula One racer, you instead stand around stupidly watching other zombies gleefully run by and only when the said zombies actually start attacking you do you get into the car.

  • Leave a big group of people who have guns, try to be the hero by scoping the mall you are all hiding in (which mind you has soooo many dark eerie corners) and your only weapon in hand is a damn CROWBAR!!! against ZOMBIES???!!!!

  • On your quest scoping the mall you see a puddle of blood on the floor a couple of meters away from a door and instead of running the opposite direction or at least calling a person who has a gun you walk TOWARDS the door trying to investigate where the blood is coming from! This is not CSI miami people and by the way did i mention that you now have apparently upgraded to a POLO STICK!!!???
  • While walking towards before mentioned door you see possible foot shadows of someone walking up and down inside, instead of acting like you got amnesia and walk away like you didn't see anything, you go in trying to discover things but uhmm *NEWSFLASH* you aint Christopher Columbus and this aint the FREEWORLD you KLUTZ!
  • Of course no big surprise that when he opens the door there is a blood hungry Zombie inside , i mean what did he expect to find bloody unicorns! *shaking my head from side to side*

  • Try and go and save people who are outside of a safe perimeter admits zombies. If they are not blood related to you then close your eyes, ears and go to your happy place in your mind and pretend to not hear their screams outside! YEAH I SAID IT! SHOOT ME?! don't act like you wouldn't do the same we are all not Mother Teresa's of the world mmmkaaay....
  • See a whole bunch of people running past you like lunatics, you just stand there not doing a thing just wondering, asking what's wrong and why everyone is running. The golden rule is, if you see a whole bunch of people running away towards you don't say a word JUST RUN!!! ask questions later when your in a safe location!
All these wonderful tips are brought to you from watching the 2004 film 'Dawn of the Dead'. So bookmark this cause you never know when a zombie apocalypse might come and these tips come in handy.

Rating of the actual movie: 7/10

Love,Peace and Sugar-coated hugs


  1. haha Yeah, there isn't exactly a lot of common sense in horror movies! All the blogs I read lately are mentioning the remake of Dawn of the Dead! I keep telling everyone that this film was made in my city and our local mall. Something to be proud of. :)

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  3. So as promised my fellow die hard movie fanatic I thought of some movies of the top of my head you could talk about. I know you've already mentioned some of the movies below but I was to lazy 2 go bck and change it. P.S. While I was writing this list I realized that about 70% of these movies we watched together :)

    Hills have eyes
    13 ghosts
    Amityville horror
    Let me in*
    House on haunted hill
    Jeepers creepers& sequels
    The hills have eyes & sequels
    The omen
    The boogeyman & sequels
    The ring & sequels
    Dark water
    The orphanage
    Halloween & sequels
    Childs play
    Darkness falls
    The ruins
    28 days later
    Blair witch project
    Ringu (?)
    The grudge & sequels
    The strangers
    Rose red
    Hide and seek (Kind of a thriller)
    The others
    The descent
    White Noise
    Paranormal activity & sequels
    The strangers
    Blair witch project
    The faculty
    Silent hill

  4. @ Justine.. WOW really? that is super awesome!!!! but walking through the same mall doesn't it freak you out a bit, u know make you a lil paranoid a zombie might jump out hahaha

  5. @ Peach thank you soooooo much! like i have been thinking about what horror movie to watch next and review but i always go blank...and yea reading through them i see we have watched most of them so you know imma def add all the funny comments we made during them :)

    Thanks a bunch again!!xoxo

    p.S Ringu scared the SHIAT OUTTA me like 4 reals and OMG you have to watch Insidious dude that movie was awesoooommmeeeee!!! the ending was prdictable and a lil dumb but still if you havent then please do :)..xoxo

  6. Whoop whoop, i love this post, i remember us watchn some of these together, great times great times, except for the fact that we critic most of the movie. lol

  7. I know write i think the number of horror movies we actually loved i think i can count on my one hand...and even those we stil found something wrong with it...i dunno if that makes us good reviewers or just plain HATERS!! lol

  8. i will go with good reviewers. lol we dnt hate

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